The Human Ken Doll Who's Undergone 90 Plastic Surgery

Meet Justin Jedlica, the human Ken doll who's undergone 90 plastic surgery procedures in the hope of attaining the perfect physique. The 32-year-old has spent more than US$100,000 (S$122,092) in the last decade in his quest to look like a living doll.

Along with his chiselled face, he has a G.I. Joe-like body complete with rock-hard pecs, defined six-pack abs and bulging biceps and triceps - all without lifting a single weight or hitting the gym. Like a plastic doll, his "muscles" are all fake. Nearly every inch of his upper body is covered with implants, ABC News reported.

In addition, he's had countless nose jobs, cheek augmentation, brow bone changes and lip enhancements to perfect his face. Even his firm buttocks are artificial - the work of surgeons who gave him buttock implants and a lift to achieve a "perkier" look.

He acknowledges that he could just work out to carve out those fabulous abs, but scoffs at doing an activity he calls "so not exciting, not glamorous or fabulous." His obsession with his looks began in his teens, when he took an intense dislike to the size of his nose, which he described as "astronomically" huge. It took him five procedures to sculpt it into something close to his ideal.

However, he said he is still not "a hundred per cent" satisfied with it yet, demonstrating to the reporter that he'd still like his nose nudged a millimetre here and there. From there he went on to do his buttocks, chest and eventually his arms. Jedlica readily admits that he sees no reason to stop his plastic surgery obsession. While the first nose job was a "need" to him, everything else after that has been a "want".



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